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ML400 Series Self-inking Ribbon Cartridge
CAUTION: Using a non-OKI ribbon may damage the printhead and void any warranties.
-Black Ribbon, self inking cartridge for ML420/421 and ML490/ML491 24-pin printers.
-Average 7.5 million character life.
-Material: Nylon fabric, cartridge type, re-inking
-Type: Black Ribbon
To protect your investment longer after the warranty has expired, use only genuine Oki Ribbons. Why take chances? Use the ribbon that was designed by the same engineers who designed your printer; manufactured to precise tolerances to eliminate binding and wear on the ribbon drive mechanism and the highest quality ink used to reduce friction and premature printhead wear.

Compatible With:
-MICROLINE 420 (Black).
-MICROLINE 420 Serial (Black).
-MICROLINE 420n (Black).
-MICROLINE 491 Serial.
-ML420, 220V Parallel (English).
-ML421, 220V Parallel (English).
-ML490, 220V Parallel (English).
-ML491, 220V Parallel (English).

Compatible Printers: OKI Microline 491, OKI Microline 491 n, OKI Microline 490 Series, OKI Microline 721, OKI ML 790 Series, OKI ML 420 n Black, OKI ML 720, OKI Microline 420 Serial Black, OKI ML 420 Serial Black, OKI ML 421 n Black, OKI Microline 420 Black, OKI Microline 420 Series, OKI Microline 790, OKI ML 421 Serial Black, OKI Microline 791, OKI ML 721, OKI ML 420 Black, OKI Microline 790 Series, OKI ML 420 Series, OKI ML 421 n, OKI Microline 421 Black, OKI ML 490 n, OKI ML 420 n, OKI ML 421 Black, OKI Microline 420 n, OKI ML 791, OKI Microline 421 Serial Black, OKI Microline 720, OKI Microline 490, OKI Microline 720 Series, OKI Microline 420 n Black, OKI ML 490 Series, OKI Microline 420, OKI ML 420, OKI ML 491, OKI ML 491 n, OKI ML 790, OKI Microline 490 n, OKI Microline 421 n, OKI ML 720 Series

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Print yield7500000 characters
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Print yield7500000 characters
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