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Artisan Power CH-TF8400-B battery charger Handset AC

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Transformer 4-Bay Battery Charger for Polycom / SpectraLink 8400 & 8440 Series Batteries
The Transformer 8400 Quad Charger is a direct replacement to the OEM 1310-37224-701 8400 Quad Charger, and can charge up to four 8400 Series Batteries at once! This compact charger features a smaller footprint and sturdier build compared to the Polycom / SpectraLink 8400 Quad Charger, and it doesn’t rely on fragile, spring-loaded clips to lock each battery into place. Instead our charger uses specially designed cups to drop the batteries into, which can fit both the Standard and Extended Capacity Battery sizes. Our Transformer 8400 also features durable connectors to ensure a more consistent fit and long-term connection with the battery packs for each charge. Our Quad Charger also includes simple LED lights to indicate each battery’s charging status. Each charger includes a USB Type C power supply, which provides a steady, fast power source that can charge our Extended Capacity Batteries in 5 hours or less, and our Standard Capacity Batteries in 4 hours or less!
EAN 0819595013506
Manufacturer ARTISAN POWER
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