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Veritas Merge1 Corporate

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Archiving workforce communications matters. Merge1 is the leading enterprise capture solution for the modern workforce across chat, file sharing, social media, mobile/SMS, collaboration and voice channels directly from the source. Merge1 supports all native mode displays into any archive. As more and more business communications take place over new digital media, capturing these communications has become essential for: Compliance with industry regulations, including financial services and healthcare. Support of eDiscovery efforts for legal discovery and investigations. Retention of communications for corporate governance and other mandates. Capture over 120+ communication sources. Today's modern workforce has turned to mobile and web collaboration platforms for the rapid exchange of information. Organizations across the globe are going through a massive shift and must rely on digital platforms to communicate and collaborate more than ever before. Merge1 supports all of these instant message records, along with valuable metadata, to help your organization stay productive and compliant. Most message archiving solutions require sending your staff’s critical, sensitive communications to a third-party archive and incurring ongoing monthly subscription fees. Worse still, it necessitates the painful and expensive process of either: - Migrating all of your archived communications to a third-party data store, or... - Maintaining data in two separate locations: your existing archive and a third-party archive. Archive any communication to your existing archive. Merge1 is the only archive messaging app endorsed by both Microsoft and Relativity and greatly simplifies the process of archiving messages for compliance and eDiscovery. By working with your existing email archive, Merge1 helps you avoid: - Burdensome migration of your existing data to a third-party store. - The hassle of running two archives in parallel. - Spending money on expensive, recurring monthly fees.
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