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Sophos Cloud Server Protection Standard

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Cloud Server Protection Standard, 5-9 servers, 1 month, GOV
Powerful Protection for Servers
Ensure the highest level of security for your mission-critical servers. Sophos Server Protection integrates server application whitelisting/lockdown with our advanced anti-malware and HIPS. This provides you with effective protection against zero-day attacks.

- Server application whitelisting/lockdown—protects against known and unknown threats
- Device Control protects against data theft via USB sticks
- Malicious Traffic Detection blocks or alerts based on traffic to known Command and Control URLs
- Application Control limits the applications that can execute, further reducing the attack surface
- Server Lockdown allows only specific applications and associated/trusted files to run
- Comprehensive malware scan before lockdown — your servers are locked in a known-good state

Performance Without Impact
Sophos Server Protection ensures that while protecting your Windows, Linux, UNIX, and virtualized server environments from malicious attacks your servers continue running at peak performance.

- Extremely lightweight with a small footprint
- Automatic scanning exclusions increase performance and reduce risk of disturbing key applications
- Small delta updates are compressed to speed updates
- Optionally schedule scans
- Server application whitelisting/lockdown — permits only trusted applications, further enhancing performance

One-Click Server Lockdown
Get powerful protection with our lockdown capabilities that let you whitelist your applications and lockdown your servers simply by clicking a button. Sophos One-click Lockdown automatically recognizes your server applications and creates trust rules, making your ongoing maintenance and change management a breeze. And, One-click Lockdown lets you easily enable a “default deny” policy for your servers, providing comprehensive protection from both known and unknown threats.

- Powerful protection with the click of a button
- No manual creation and management of whitelisting rules required
- Sophos Server Authority automatically establishes and manages trusted changes
- Prevents in-memory attacks

Easy to Deploy and Manage
Whether you choose to manage in the cloud or on-premise, Sophos Server Protection is simple to set up and is just as easy to manage and maintain.

- Automatic trust rules simplify management
- Sophisticated functionality coupled with a simple, intuitive user experience
- Unified policy model lets you manage all servers and associated policies from a single screen either on premise or in Sophos Central

Optimized for Virtual Environments
Your servers have gone virtual, and so have our products. Our full-featured server agent runs with a low memory footprint on popular hypervisors, such as vSphere, Hyper-V, and XenServer. We also offer agentless scanning for VMware vSphere, featuring:

- Automatic protection of new VMs
- Efficient, centralized malware scanning
- Elimination of “scan storms”

Security For Every Platform
We support a broad range of platforms, so you can protect every server in your organization. Along with Windows Server, Sophos Server Protection secures the most popular flavors of Linux — including CentOS and Ubuntu — as well as Unix-based operating systems.

On-Premise or Cloud
Deploy and manage your server protection the way that best suits you. You can choose cloud or on-premise management options. Either way, you get powerful protection and an intuitive interface to manage your servers.
License typeGovernment (GOV)
License term in months1 month(s)
License level purchase required5 - 9 license(s)
Linux operating systems supportedYes
Windows operating systems supportedYes
Linux operating systems supportedYes
Windows operating systems supportedYes
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