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Red Hat Directory Server

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Directory Server, 1 Year
Easily manage access across partner, supplier, and customer relationships Managing user access to multiple systems is a challenge. In a UNIX environment, providing access based on locally stored information becomes unmanageable as the number of systems and users increases. Storing the user information in a Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)-based directory—like Red Hat® Directory Server—makes the system scalable, manageable, and secure. Deep control Gives you centralized, fine-grained access control, including control based on user identity, group membership, role identity, IP address, domain name, or pattern-based rules. Data protection Restricts access to directory data with control down to the attribute value level. Multiple access methods Allows access anonymously or via authentication methods, like user ID and password or X.509v3 public key certificates. Policy replication Stores access control list (ACL) information with each entry so that security policy is replicated with the data. Certificate-based authentication Provides the foundation for strong certificate-based authentication when used in conjunction with Red Hat Certificate System.
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Number of years1 year(s)
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