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Lenovo PCG CO2 Offset 1.5 ton CPN

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Lenovo CO2 Offset Services - 1.5 ton
Lenovo CO2 Offset Services - 1.5 ton A leader in sustainability, Lenovo offers businesses the chance to compensate for the environmental impact of operations with its CO2 Offset Services. For businesses, ensuring sustainability and reducing the global carbon footprint of operations is a top priority. To assist customers on their sustainability journey, Lenovo partners with leading certified providers of CO2 Offset Services. Lenovo CO2 Offset Service supports several different initiatives which include new or extensions of existing projects, windmills, solar cells and biomass energy among others. Forestation and forest conservation are also areas we are looking into for the future. How? It’s incredibly simple to offset CO2 emissions with Lenovo: • Choose your CO2 Offset option (integrated into the Serial Number) when ordering eligible devices. • Once products are shipped, Lenovo reports to its official CO2 Offset partner. • Lenovo’s CO2 Offset partner finalises the transaction and issues a unique certificate with specific HW Serial Number(s), which Lenovo provides to your organisation. Why? Lenovo offers a seamless process, requiring no additional effort, to reduce your business’ environmental impact: • Included in the hardware transaction, CO2 Offset Services are easy to implement. • CO2 compensation is based on realistic emission by product, covering production, shipment and a typical 5-year usage cycle. • CO2 Offset Services offer a tailored approach to CO2 compensation, directly linking to products purchased. Dedicated to sustainability Lenovo is a leader in sustainability, named as one of the Most Sustainable Corporations in the World Global 100 Index by Corporate Knights, and rated AA on the 2019 Hang Seng Corporate Sustainability Index.
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