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Fluke FTK1000 optical power meter

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SimpliFiber Pro Multimode and Singlemode Sources
SimpliFiber Pro Multimode and Singlemode Sources
Sturdily built and encased in a durable molding, the next generation SimpliFiber Pro
LED multimode and laser singlemode sources* retain the familiar intuitive four-button
functionality from the popular workhorse SimpliFiber line, while incorporating
additional features that make fiber testing even more simple. When combined with a
SimpliFiber Pro optical power meter, these sources enable you to:

- Quickly and efficiently measure power and loss at SC, LC, and ST connections
- using the dual-wavelength testing feature in which both 850 and 1300 nm or
- 1310 and 1550 nm wavelengths can be transmitted simultaneously
- Conveniently save measurements taken at both wavelengths into one record
- Eliminate time-consuming mistakes with the automatic wavelength detection
- ability
- Quickly identify patch panel cable routing without the assistance of a talk set and
- another technician
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